Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gee, where has the time gone.  The city had donated the use of the Civic Center for the fundraiser.  They only required a deposit which one of the ladies in my class paid.  So nice of her.  I made flyers and they turned out beautiful if I do say so myself.  Very blue.  The office supply store in town printed 60 for us as a donation.  I am keeping notes and after it's over I will run an ad in the paper to thank all the people and entities who are helping this fundraiser come together.  A t-shirt seller who is donating money from the t-shirts will have a table at the event.  A lady is offering some of her hand crafted jewelry for a raffle.

Today I did some practice with a group of about seven high schoolers who are gonna dance a routine with me.  They even choreographed a couple parts of the song for themselves.  I'm so proud of them.  They will not regret participating.  I told them today not to get hung up on technique.  The steps are secondary.  I told them have fun, ham it up, and even if I or they make a mistake keep moving.  I explained that if they're having a good time the audience will pick up on it and they'll have a good time.  If you are anxious the audience will pick up on it and they will be uncomfortable.  I think they'll do well.  I want to contact two more groups of kids and my goal is to do three routines with three different groups of kids.  I envision one set of kids running on stage for their song, then running off at the end as the next group runs in.

Checked the audio available at the Civic Center and it's quite sad.  It's only a PA system.  My music was no good on it.  Thought I was going to have to find a DJ.  But husband said to me to try my speaker out.  I didn't think my speaker would have enough power but guess what.  It did!  It's sounds way better than the PA system.  Happy, happy me.  Location, sounds, flyers, water.  The grocery store is donating water. Check, check, check, check.  Now to find donations for meals and gas for the instructors coming to town.

Got a bit of excitement when yesterday the Civic Center manager told me the 10th was double booked.  He was wrong.  Thank you for that.

Have a small glitch in that the other instructor here in town that I invited to dance has a Zumba training on exactly the day of the fundraiser.  She was supposed to do 30 minutes of routines.  Either I have to work something out or I'm going to have to do an hour instead of 30 minutes.  She does not yet realize her training is on the fundraiser day.  I don't think she's terribly organized.  Lucky for me I noticed it.

I got the church announcements done and they look pretty nice.  Pastor and his wife have both commented on how much they like it.  Pastor even used the word "awesome."  Funny thing is, I look at it and see all the parts I want to do better.  I think it's just okay.  I want to do better!  My hand is tired though from doing our flyer plus announcements video plus making tickets.  Ladies in class want to sell fundraiser tickets which is a grand idea but another thing I have to do on computer.  I need to figure out how to make a dashed line in Microsoft Word.  I tried so many ways to make tickets myself but to no avail.  Time wasted.  I can't put numbers on them that's for sure.  Too much work.

I'm developing a thick skin regarding my playlist for Zumba.  After we went to Cruces for a Zumba class and the teacher was so great I came home and hated my own playlist.  Ha.  Sad.  Some people in class want faster, some like slow, one wants more this, one wants more that.  Sigh.  Think I'll try making Mondays a faster class and see how it goes.  I can do faster it's just that my class grew when I slowed it down a bit.  It's a challenge keeping people happy and I really want to work on student retention this year.  I want to keep them coming back.

Mayela had a fab idea.  She wonders about setting up a class in a town that's 30 miles away and has no instructor.  I told her if they have 15 people who will sign up for a six week session I will do it.  We'll see what comes of it when she mentions it.

My hair.  It is about two inches from my knees!  Just noticed it yesterday.  And even better, the ends are good.

It's a small town here.  One of the girls in my class put out a flyer and tells me the boy's mama was at hospice and signed him up for hospice.  Hospice.  

He had a very, very good day today with no side effects.  He's visiting with family who came to see him and everyone is loving on him and the family very much.  He went to school one day last week and had a good time and everyone wanted to see him.  He seems exceedingly well adjusted, considering.   

The next round of chemo, a stronger chemo than before, begins next week. 


SchnauzerMom said...

Hopefully his mom signed up for Hospice as a "just in case" thing. I hope the fundraiser goes well and that the chemo works for him.

mermayd said...

Good luck on your fundraiser.

Jules said...

Hey, lots of gossip flies around at times like this. Perhaps it's not true or perhaps the lady was mistaken. Perhaps it's for someone else in the family or maybe visiting someone there. Remember, his life is in God's Hands and He is in control.

Sounds as if you have everything under control. I hope it goes well.

Liliana said...


The chemo will be Ifosfamide and he'll be in hospital five days then home two weeks and they'll be taking blood tests to watch his blood levels. They'll give him the chemo three times and hopefully it will kill all the cancer. If not, he'll have to see a specialist in Houston and everyone prays it doesn't come to that. I guess the first round of chemo might start today. They say he does not feel sorry for himself at all. He sounds like a well adjusted, remarkable kid.

elve said...

Liliana, the work you are doing for this young boy's fundraiser is remarkable. Blessings to you. There are no answers at such times, at least I don't think so. We praise God and we blame God for everything, but in the end we will finally understand. This I do believe.

Congrats to almost knee!