Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Such a good night.  I had 23 people in class!  We finished with a big Conga line.  Haha!  It was fun, fun.  At my church it is the year of Double Portion so I've been prayin' and puttin' legs on my prayers and I got an answer even better than I'd anticipated.  I earned more than twice what I earned last January!  That's a double portion.  God is good, all the time.  Well, the way He works is not what I expected.  He closed Zumba at the gym for a month and made me the only instructor in town.  Still, I'm expecting good turnout in classes in the coming months.  I suspect numbers will drop when the hot weather arrives, but I'll work it till then.  Strike while the iron is hot as they say.  I also sold two sets of toning sticks and one t-shirt tonight. 

"...And Elisha said, I pray thee, let there be a double portion of thy spirit upon me."  Elijah performed seven miracles and Elisha, 14.

I bought new Zumba tops and they're duperly cute.  I needed some new Zumba threads bad.  But, I do not like how low cut they are.  They go all the way down to my bra.  I'd like them to be two or three inches above my bra.Tomorrow I'm going to Walmart to see if I can find something, not too hot, to wear underneath.  Necklines are so low nowadays.  Does everyone want to show 3/4 of their heavenly endowments?  I don't.

The pastors liked my video announcement slide show.  I have a second one almost finished.  I learned to make a reflection in Photoshop.  I've always like that effect.  It was easy.  Found a YouTube video that was a snap to follow.  I started with Windows Live Movie Maker.  I learned that the older version of Movie Maker (aka "Classic" Movie Maker) is better and a very helpful guy online helped me to find and download the Classic Movie Maker onto my Windows 7 machine.  Normally, it doesn't work on Windows 7, but he did something to it so it does work.  Smart guy.

My face swelled up yesterday.  Sad me.  It's my fault too.  It started at 11pm.  But.  I wanted to get a good night's sleep.  If I take Zyrtec before bed it makes me sort of tired yet not sleepy tired, yet if I sleep it's not a good, deep sleep.  So I thought it would go away by morning.  Big surprise.  Woke in the morning and felt my face then saw my face.  My lower left cheek swollen like a jowl and lips like Angelina Jolie.  Angelina Jolie's lips on my little face is a bad thing.

I sucked it up though and went to Zumba.  By 6:30pm class the swelling was down but not gone.  From the stage they couldn't see the swelling so that was good.  I was glad I went to class.  My face was sort of sore.  It felt like I'd been shot full of Novacaine at the dentist.  Well, enough about that.

Maybe I will fly to San Diego for the Zumba Gold for seniors training.  I want to go to California for the class so I can get a different teacher.  Vanessa Lupercio from Arizona is good, but I've had her for every single training.  I want to experience a different Zumba Education Specialist. I want to be the best that I can be.  A student tonight said she took a Zumba class in Cruces.  She said my class was so much better.  Aw, I think she's just used to me, but nevertheless I felt happy that she gave me such a nice compliment.  It motivates me to try, try, try harder.

I'm praying frequently for a little boy age 13 in town who had his arm and clavicle amputated.  Cancer.  And I'm trying to answer questions from people about why God is doing this. I tell them God is good and the devil is bad and don't ever get the two mixed up.  Disease is not from God.  It entered the world through the sin of Adam and Eve in the garden when the serpent convinced them to eat what they were told not to eat.  Here they are in paradise, clothed in shekinah glory, and they can eat anything they want except from this one little old tree. I tell them, we can't know why the young become ill with awful disease until we see God and can speak to Him and ask him ourselves.  I need a better answer though.  Is there one?


SchnauzerMom said...

I think your answer is a good one. Some things we just can't understand until we get to heaven. I'm glad that your class is going so well.

Jules said...

I too think you answer is good. It's one of those things that is hard to understand.

Lil, you are amazing! I remember when you were starting to teach Zumba and you seemed so nervous ... and now here you are confident and people think you're great and you're looking at ways to improve all the time. I'm proud of you!