Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm home.  It was a good visit and my dad is doing well.  Really well.  The diagnosis was correct and he's on steroids and is feeling the best he has felt since 2008.  He's been up and around.  Talkative.  In good spirits.  It is a delight to our eyes.

In San Diego I got to eat out every day.  We went out for Italian one night, sushi one night, Mexican one night, and Chinese.  It was delicious.

On the plane home I got a window seat and I saw the landscape all the way from California to El Paso.  It was neat.  I wished I knew exactly what features and cities I was looking at as we flew overhead.

San Diego has had lots of rain and was exceedingly beautiful.  It is one of the most beautiful downtown skylines that I've seen.

While in San Diego I had three inches trimmed off my ends by Dad's wife.  They look super duper nice now.  She did a good job.  I'm now at 46".  Again.  Can't seem to get out of the 40s.
Got my shoes back from the shoe repair and they're practically like new.

In San Diego, our eldest son flew in the same day I did.  One night we talked till 4:00am.  Makes me want to see his wife and his babies.  Makes me miss them.

Took Mayela to the Baptist Church for Good Friday today.  It was pretty good.  I don't want to go to my church because we have a visiting pastor that we don't particularly care for.  He's not the most dynamic speaker.  I'm gonna go to a different church on Sunday too.  I rather like visiting other churches now and then.  My friend has asked me to show her how to look stuff up in the Bible and I'm looking forward to it.

Went to look at piggies today.  They're still sucklings so we can't buy one yet, but boy, they sure are cute.  Our pen is almost ready.  We need a cover for it still and are thinking about upgrading the water drinking situation.  We learned last year that a pig who first drinks out of a bucket will never, never learn how to drink from a nipple spout.  Poor Winston would get so thirsty but it was hard to keep him with water because pigs always push water over to make mud.  A nipple spout would be better because they can drink as much as they want whenever they want, plus the water later in the day will still be cool instead of hot or warm.  Cool water makes pigs happier and maybe will help him grow better.

I have a Zumba training tomorrow.  It's Zumbatomics, so I will be learning how to teach Zumba to children ages 4 to 12.  I'm looking forward to it, but not to the drive or getting up at 6:45am to get there on time.  The classes are a little draining too.  I have genuine fun till noon or 2pm, then I want to go home!


Jules said...

Come on, Lil, we want photos please of the new hair.

Glad to hear your Dad is doing so well. That is really great news.

SchnauzerMom said...

I'm glad that your dad is doing so well. Sounds like you had a great visit.