Sunday, April 10, 2011

I cleaned the bathrooms today.  Both.  They look better only I didn't have the energy to do the floors.  Used to take five minutes for the trailer.  Took me an hour in here.  Maybe over an hour.  Actually, I don't know because I lost track of time.

Got my period today.  Thank you, Lord.  Now I can be on the upward swing instead of continuing on the downward spiral.  Had sweats and a chill last night.  Legs ached.  Back ached.  Brain ached.

I want to cut a t-shirt today.  I didn't go sing in choir this morning.  I didn't go to churchity-church.  Partly chicken, partly just felt too bad to go.  I lay in bed till 11:30am.

I noticed on "Deadliest Catch" tv show that they bleeped out the word "God."  They bleeped it out when he said, "G-d*mn," however, they didn't bleep it out when he said, "Thank God"  which he said more than once.  Apparently it's okay to thank God, but not to curse him.  But why did they bleep out the word God instead of the word d*mn.  They edit out the cursing language, right?  To my knowledge, God is not a curse word, but d*mn is.

What was it the apostle, James, said?  Oh yes, "Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble." The first time I read that one I took a double take.

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SchnauzerMom said...

The name of God doesn't mean much to people anymore. They don't even think about what they're saving.