Sunday, June 05, 2005

Surrounded by icebergs

Navigating through icebergs. Yipes! Posted by Hello

The sound is chilling and ominous. This must be what it was like for the Titanic survivors. It's very quiet. We hear the water lap up against the icebergs all around us. Almost saw a big one turn over but it just rolls around instead. We hear the crack of ice as it melts. We can see and hear the icebergs bump into the hull of the boat as the captain navigates his way through to get us as close as possible. The engine idles as we creep along at this super slow pace.

The closest we could get was 7.5 miles from the glacier. I was disappointed that we were too far to see any calving. We shall have to try a trip elsewhere to get me some icebergs being born photos. We'll take another trip through a fiord in Seward.

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