Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The obits

I told my husband today that I'm writing my own obituary. I told him I'm going to write about the real me. It'll be the end of me and so I'm giving out the real skinny, the low down, the naked, unvarnished truth. My heartbreak, my passion, my failures. The lessons I have learned. I told him, that's what people really want to read about. That's the stuff of a real good obituary. Plus, how many obits do I read with no mention of how the dead person met their demise? I might be able to get some good tips on what to do so I can live a little longer if people would just put out a little more info.

I'm totally going to include what I died of in my obit. I'll have to make something up for now. I think, my guess, is that I'll get a plain old virus or infection, and boom, bam, it'll kill me. That's what I think. I get the weirdest diseases. Anyway. My husband says I'm a legend in my own mind.

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