Thursday, June 09, 2005

Our first bear sighting, close-up

Chugach State Park, Bird campground. Posted by Hello

At 5:45am a scratching sound on the outside of the trailer next to the bed woke my husband up out of a sound sleep. He thought it was a dog on account of he could hear the claws on our siding so he peeked out the blinds and thought he saw a black panther! But then there being no known black panthers in the state parks of Alaska, he realized it was not a black panther but! he was eye to eye with a black bear!

The black bear was standing upright on his back legs, I guess trying to look in the window. I have no idea what he thought he was doing. My husband said "Whoa!" Then he said "Hey man it's a bear outside!" and the bear surely heard him and got down and kind of meandered off! I think it was a teenaged bear because it wasn't full grown and what kind of bear gets up on the trailer anyway? He must have been inexperienced.

Today we're in Seward and my husband says he thinks all he'll have waking him up tomorrow morning is sea otters. lol!

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