Friday, April 08, 2005

Photo of my long brown hair back in the day

My hair circa 1989. Posted by Hello

Look at those thighs will ya. This was a photo I had done for my husband's birthday eons ago. I was a runner. More of a jogger really because my time was an 11 minute mile. It's accurate to say I'm not built for speed, but I was up to 14 miles at a stretch and I was in dance class at university too, so that's something. I was hoping to enter the L.A. Marathon but I never got my mileage up high enough. My husband entered and finished the marathon.

The photographer really liked this shot and he almost blew it up giant size for his studio waiting room but unfortunately, you can't see it in this photo size, but when the photo is enlarged I have a little bit of a tummy. That is to say, I do not own a perfectly flat belly. My husband has always called it my Renaissance Tummy. I like that. Well, so what if I don't have a perfectly flat tum. I have a big nose too.

My hair was tailbone length. It was full of all kinds of goo, it was tortured with a blow dryer followed by a high heat industrial curling iron, and the make-up/hair lady even teased it - nanny nanny boo boo. My hair was frozen in the same exact style for like three days after the photo shoot.

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