Thursday, January 06, 2005

My scarf wouldn't stay on

I was completely disgusted today. It was a bad hair day and the French braid with tiny flowers didn't happen. Instead, I fixed up my new scarf in the Jerusalem Twist style. My husband liked it and my son liked it. I got in the truck and drove us to church for our Isaiah study and the mere turning of my head this way and thataway caused my scarf to fall off completely. Each time I turned my head it fell off a little more until ten minutes later when we arrive at the church parking lot the thing is just flopping around my neck. I was so disgusted with the whole ordeal.

Now I have to rethink my whole scarf 'do.

I absolutely hate fiddling with my hair in front of people, so I had retire to the ladies room, pin my hair up again, and I just tied my scarf plainly. It was maybe a little cute, but not that cute wrapped plainly. I will have to write a special email tomorrow. I know someone who has worn head scarves and perhaps she will give me some tips.

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