Monday, January 17, 2005

Asked for a diary

Our little boy (in second grade) asked for a diary. My husband bought him one at Office Max and now he's been writing in it diligently. This is quite a milestone for me. The reason why it's a milestone for me the mamma is because I have postponed writing despite the fact that there's quite a bit included in our rather rigorous curriculum. Sometimes it's scary following my own instinct (well, I'm prayerful too).

The word curriculum is derived from Latin and it means 'to run.' Sometimes we can get so caught up in the running, that we overlook the quality of the learning. And education is not a race, but a marathon. I purchased curricula to serve me, not for me to serve the curricula. If I forced my son to write as much as is required in my lesson plans I have not a shred of doubt he would come to hate writing. I wanted more than anything to avoid this. I want him to write for the love of writing, not because it's required. Now my patience is rewarded. He even asks me to spell some words for him! Praise the Lord!

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