Monday, January 17, 2005

I took a vacation from my hair

I needed a short respite from my hair. I took it and I'm back. I missed my blog.

Since I wasn't blogging I didn't stick with my two hair washes per week. I just did whatever I wanted. Last week I fully washed twice and did one scalp wash.

Last night was a complete Vita-Veeta-Vegga-Min regimen beauty night. I was up until 3:00am. I polished my toes with a spectacular electric pink, I waxed all parts in need of waxing (except for my knuckles which drag on the ground so all the hairs are rubbed off already), and I uber oiled my hair with coconut oil overnight. Now I'm semi-attractive (semi: a prefix signifying half, and sometimes partly or imperfectly) and ready to greet the week.

I found a new belly dance class in town and I signed up. It's six weeks, so now I'm taking my new class on Tuesday, my old class on Thursday, and troup practice on Friday nights. Last Friday we danced for three hours! I ordered a silk veil from Akai silks on Ebay. She sells a lot of seconds, meaning stuff that didn't turn out perfectly, and her imperfect veils are beautiful. The one I ordered is black, burgundy, and gold banded. Good colors for ATS (American Tribal Style) which is the dance style I'm interested in. We did veil work for the first time last week and it was so much fun. The teacher showed us some basic moves plus about five ways to wrap the veil and tuck it in here and there around your body to look pretty. It's just so girly!

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