Wednesday, January 01, 2014

What a glorious day.  I got up kind of early, I forgot what time, but it was earlyish.  Got on my computer.  Took a shower.  Washed my hair.  Went on the "Walk Across the Dam" at noon and it was a beautiful walk.  This is a pic of some of my Zumba crew.  The end of the dam had a fence so I said we have to all touch the fence to make our walk complete before we go back.

On your left is Mayela, my closest friend.  She's Costa Rican.  Next, with the cap is Jeanie from New York.  She was married 30 years and her husband passed on only a few months ago.  She is grieving, and misses him so much, but she smiles often in spite of her pain.  Me in the middle.  Then Kathy with the gray scarf.  She is the one who goes hard for Jesus.  She is the servant leader to goes to Juarez with Bibles, food, clothing, and the Good News.  She talks a lot and if I'm on my deathbed it's she that I would call for to talk to me about the Lord when I'm on my way out of the world.  Then the blond is Susan and she's my new prayer partner from my new Baptist church.  

I cooked last night.  Beef teriyaki with broccoli.  Or rather, beef teriyaki with broccoli mush.  I microwaved the broccoli, then put it in the pan to saute it with the onion and it was immediately apparent that that's too much cooking for the poor little broccolies.  I was still exceedingly pleased with myself because all the chopping and preparing was effort, and I gave myself credit for that.  The people eating it, otherwise called "my family" were down in the mouth because the specter of my main dish was, admittedly, visually disgusting.  Yet I am discouraged not!  This cooking thing is a process.  I will make it a second time and I just know it'll be better.  I made a salad for my husband tonight and we've eaten greens like three times last week.  I was practicing for the rollout of 2014!

"Holy motion."  I read about it on The Christian Post.  I like that term.  I found it in "However, the idea that holy motion toward the things of God indicates saving faith is not works salvation at all. Rather it highlights an important distinction: there is a difference in the efficient cause of salvation and the evidences of that salvation."

Tomorrow it's back to work and back to Zumba.  We had no Zumba Tuesday and I sure missed it.  We all did.  I hope for big classes this month!

Our God is great and greatly to be praised.  I'm still asking God to let me get that scholarship for Revelation Wellness.  I will find out by Friday.  They wrote me and said "depending on circumstances" I may still get a scholarship.  I've no idea what those circumstances can be, but  I want it so badly.  Now I'm waiting on the Lord.  I've done my part.  He knows already how it will turn out and he knows my heart - for better or for worse.  In the meantime, I am exercising my faith muscles as I await an answer from the Rev Well peeps.

Sometimes I think I'd be really good at it and sometimes I worry and think I have no right to be even thinking I can do it.

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