Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I work in the Materials Management department as an inventory clerk and our manager walked out last Wednesday!  He quit. They increased my hours from 20 a week to 38 (which I agreed to) and every day so far has been a blur.  I've been so busy!  I never worked anywhere where a  boss just walked out like that.

My new hours are 8-4:30pm, MWF, and 8-3pm, T/TH.  With these hours I can come home and rest a bit before Zumba.  I was so tired tonight before Zumba but it's amazing...I do Zumba and always feel better afterward.  Tonight I had 19 students.  It was so very much fun.  When we were ready to do the last song, a stretch routine, one of the women said, "Is it over already?"  Haha!  Yeah, I had 59 minutes of dance-fitness in the playlist.  The music makes the hour go by so quickly.

Today I learned the first half of creating a purchase order.  I learned how to replenish the Med-Dispense drawers in the Emergency Department.  I like working with Greg.  He is never mean or rude.  He's real easy to work with.  And he's training me to do his job.  He's trained me since I first hired on so it feels natural and I'm comfortable working with him.  He applied for the manager job and I feel confident that he'll get it.  He knows the computer system well and he knows the inventory extremely well, and he provides good customer service.  He's a shoo-in in my opinion.  The Human Resources lady is gone till Thursday so we're waiting to see if they advertise the position or just interview him.  Whatever they do they better do it fast because it's a lot of work for two people and there's no part of it we can just ignore until we do get a manager.  We have to deliver supplies.  We have to receive shipments.  We have to order the supplies.  There's nothing we can put off or take a short-cut on.

My step-mom is having a lumpectomy.  I hope it's a small lump and we're so happy she needs no further treatment.  We're all so glad. We've been concerned for three weeks.

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