Saturday, June 29, 2013

We're moving about 15 minutes from here.  From the city, I say that tongue-in-cheek, to the county.  And alllll the land to the south of us is BLM land so no one will ever build in front of us.  Not that there's much building going on anyways.  It's a manufactured home built in 1998 and it's on 4.5 acres.  You enter into the living room and to the right is the hall to two small bedrooms and the bath and in front of you is the living room and to the left is the kitchen and dining room, then a short hallway to the laundry room and pantry, master bedroom at the end of the hall with its own bathroom and two walk-in closets.  The front view is all the way to the mountains on the other side and also you can see a little curve of the Rio Grande river. 

Technically, we're waiting to hear on our final loan approval Monday, so my husband just told me not to get overly excited, which, out of breath, I told him it's too late.  I'm excited!  And we already agreed that in our new place we will remove our shoes at the front door to keep the carpet nice like we used to do when we owned a home in California.  And it has a pantry!  Space.  Sigh.

It's 1200 square feet which is bigger than I wanted, but not too big.  It's has a dirt road about 1/8th or 1/4th of a mile to the front door from the old highway.  It's very bumpy which is fine for the truck, but in my little car I'll have to drive slow.  Best of all it has a well built corral for the girls (Bella the horse and Becca the mule) and a very nice covered area for hay.  It has a bomb shelter.  So, Kathryn, you can come to my house if you need protection from any bombs. 

I want to put some water out and see if we get any quail or birds out there.  I love bird watching.  We had a bird bath outside our dining room window in California. 

It has a private well and my boss at work spent a few long minutes Friday telling me horror stories about drought and people's wells going dry.  I can't walk in fear about that though.  A lot of people have wells.

I pray the inspections all go smoothly and that we hear that we got the loan on Monday!   


SchnauzerMom said...

Wow your house sounds like it's going to be awesome. A view of mountains is very special. I like what my pastor said we are on God's economy not the world's economy. That applies to the climate as well. I would not worry about the well. He will take care of you.

Liliana said...

I like that. Thank SchnauzerMom. We're in God's economy!

Hey, your hair is the longest I've seen in years. Your new pic is nice! You've got wavy hair.

Jules said...

Sounds lovely. I would love a view of mountains. Actually, we do have one. Apparently if you stand on the roof ridge of our house you can see the mountain. We have a big ol' house with a very high roof. I ain't been up there and have no intention of doing so. Hope it all goes through without any hitches.