Sunday, July 07, 2013


Today I spoke to Totsie at church and she said we will surely see quail and deer at our new place.  And she said the sunsets are beautiful; that we should sit outside and enjoy the sunsets.

Tonight I'm going to listen to the end of Romans chapter 3.  I also downloaded Romans 4:1-8, but I may likely be asleep when it starts.  I have to work 8-3:30 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Yuk, for the hours, yay, for the paycheck.

I am so happy.

At Walmart I bought six new white towels for dish drying.  I'm saving them till we move.  I brought home boxes and I tried to fill one.  Since I work in the stockroom I have access to GREAT boxes.  Ain't that sumpthin.  I decided I'd start some packing in advance.  I went through my nightstand, four drawers, and proceeded to throw some things in the trash and then relocated the rest to my dresser drawers.  That's a fail for packing so far.

Anthony said he will help us move.  And he said he will build the covers we need for the horses to have shade.  I'm so excited.  He does excellent work and I know we'll have the job done well and done right.  I am thankful tonight.

We had a bit of rain tonight too.  Praise God.  We need it so much.

Looks like this won't post without a title.  That's weird.  I've been going without titles for months.

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