Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's been on my mind. Keeps popping in.

At the Renaissance Fair last month an old woman (I say old but she couldn't have been more than 10 or 15 years older than I) asked me for money to buy a drink. She was thirsty and she had no money. It was a hot day. I had purchased a lemonade for myself and a friend an hour before. It lacked ice and good flavor and the price was ridiculously high for what we got, but we were thirsty and we drank them all up. The lady asking me for money was thirsty.

I told her no. I told her, sorry, but I have no money. A lie. I had about $20 in my renaissance purse. I feel bad about it. I've felt bad about it since the moment it came out of my mouth. My heart had no compassion. Do I have nothing to give? I did have something to give, but I would not give it. I kept it for myself. I regret it. I thought to myself, why doesn't she get a job?

I had no compassion. Would it have killed me to walk with her to the lemonade stand and buy her a drink? I think not. Have I not been blessed enough to part with three bucks out of my wallet that day?

One day about three years ago I was in Albuquerque at a Jewish convention event. It was the end of the night and about ten of us were piling into the van to go home. A homeless man approached us with purpose and we rushed to get in the van all the faster. After all, what if he had a weapon with which to kill us? Our pastor stood outside though and gave the man some money. I still remember that. I suppose there was no need for us to be afraid. It was only a man begging. I had no compassion then either. But I remember what the pastor did. Does Pastor not pass judgement? Do I need to do the same. I think so. Otherwise the Holy Spirit would not be clunking me on the head about it.

When I get the chance I'm going to fix this. I will correct it. I will repent. A lot of people think repent means to feel sorry or admit an error, but its literal translation from the Hebrew is to turn away from. That is, in other words, to stop what you're doing and turn away from it. I can do that.

Next time someone asks me, I will find in my heart some compassion.


April said...

I really like this post, Lil. :)

Liliana said...

Oh! Thanks April the Farm Girl!

elve said...

Hi Liliana... I know quite a few who turn away from the homeless, or the drunkard beggar and get quite offended by them. I find it best to do as Christ would want me to do and not let others know what I am doing... my left hand doesn't even know what my right hand it doing sort of thing. I have kids who are struggling themselves and I would rather give them a couple of dollars, and I have passed up a few needy with this thought in my mind... because all of my kids are working. Yet there are times when I know it is Christ who is asking me to help out at that moment and if I pass on by, I feel horrible. I can't help but to have compassion, life is hard for some folks. Do you remember the scripture about the rich man and Lazarus... it is interesting that Christ doesn't even acknowledge the rich man's name, but Lazarus the beggar, was blessed. Bless you, Lil... you're on the right path. elvea rose

SchnauzerMom said...

My husband is more likely to give money to people than I am. I'm pretty tight.

Mrs A said...

This is so convicting to me. I just ignored a woman begging for money as I was stopped at a red light in Boston. My heart convicted me right away and now I just read your post. I need to repent too.