Saturday, March 01, 2014

I got a nice compliment from my husband.  He was clicking through a million billion movies on Amazon looking for a movie for us to watch last night.  As he went by one called "Benjamin Button" I told him to go back and see how many stars it had.  It had four.  So I suggested we watch it.

It was good.  It has one f-word at the end unfortunately, but otherwise I like how they made the movie.  Brad Pitt is gorgeous and so talented.  My husband is a major romantic so he cried at all the sad and happy parts and being a guy he laughed heartily every time they showed a snippet of the guy getting hit by lightning.

And he asked me how I knew about the movie, because I rarely know diddly squat about any movies, and I said in my best droll voice, "Hello.  Like, I read."  And then he corrected me and told me I don't read!  Do so, I said.  And he said, "No, all you ever read is the Bible."

Heh.  And I felt pretty good.  I told him I gotta have a witness at Pearly Gates for that one!

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Jules said...

We need a 'like' button on blogger. Made me smile to read this post.