Saturday, February 01, 2014

Why do I have to sign in to Google to make a blog entry?  I don't like that.

Greg got the job last week!  He's my new manager now.  I'm very happy working for him.  He puts on no airs.  He shares what he knows and is training me to learn his job.  When he thinks out loud it helps me a lot to see what he's thinking while he's working.  He talks easily and is not extremely quiet like our previous manager.  After the manager's meeting he sat and shared with me what was said.  I like that because I am interested in what goes on in the meetings.  I overhear other people discussing what transpired, but I had no inkling of what was going on because no one shared that information with me. 

I just got a dialog box that asks me if I want to share my location with  Do I want to share my location?  Coconut no, I don't want to share my location.  Who needs my location. What's the point. Why are they asking me for personal data.  That is real annoying.

So on Friday, Human Resources posted the job announcement for Greg's old job and I applied for it.  It's required to be posted for three days before they can do anything else.  I wonder if anyone else will apply.  I'm so pleased God has give me this opportunity for advancement.  I hope they just call me in and say "sign here" like they did when Greg advanced to Manager.  I'm excited to get my new job.  I will be a Purchasing Technician.  After they move me up to Greg's job then we can advertise for someone to fill my old position as Inventory Clerk.  I will have more time free for training for my new job and!  And I won't have to be on my feet quite as much.  Of course, we can't count our chickens before they're hatched, but I do expect a great and wonderful hatching.  God has good plans for us.  Actually, when He said that he was referring to Israel but I think He will not mind us applying it to our daily lives.

When I was going to work I got in a car accident on the 23rd.  A lady, a lady who attends my previous church, ran a stop sign and hit my driver side rear quarter panel.  That means she hit the back side/corner of my little Ford Focus.  It crunched most of the back end, spun me around, scrambled my brain, and made me hit a second SUV that was sitting at the stop sign.  I left a big piece of my bumper on the road, and my side airbag deployed.  That airbag saved me for sure from injury.  I went and got x-rayed because my shoulders and upper back hurt and the x-rays showed no damage.  I was relieved to know I was okay, but I was sore that day.  Still went to work because I can work and be sore just as well as I can lay around and be sore.  Everyone, the doctor included, said I'd be more sore the second day but I was less sore!  I attribute that to Zumba and the goodness of God.  Not necessarily in that order either.

She said, "The sun was in my eyes and I didn't see the stop sign."  At the time I wondered, why is she saying that?  It's 8am and we all witness the sun is up in the sky and to the right; me, the lady in the second SUV who stopped and helped me, the paramedics, and the police.

Now I wait for an insurance adjuster to tell us what the damage amounts to.  Our car is only two years old.  We still owe thousands on it.  It is not drivable so I have to drive my husband's big truck while my poor little car sits at the collision place for now.  I loved that little car.  Bought it with money I inherited from Uncle Jim.  Will they call it repairable or totaled?  How is this going to work out for us?  Badly?  I was anxious from thinking on it, but decided the anxiety serves no purpose.  Be anxious for nothing, God reminds us.  I have to let it go and pray God gives us wisdom to handle properly whatever comes our way.

Everything we have comes from God.  We owned the car.  The car does not own us.

But I feel really sad about my car.

I missed work on Tuesday two weeks ago.  Got a stupid virus.  Wanted to stay home a second day but couldn't bear to leave Greg at work alone.  Now I have a big, scabby, swollen cold sore on my upper lip.  If I'm not lucky I feel another one in my nose and another one on the corner of my mouth thinking about breaking out.  If I get three at once that will truly be a record for me.  I am a little tired from work, and Zumba, a car accident and a virus.  I have a bit of a ticklish cough.

Zumba is going exceedingly well though.  Thanks be to God.

A young woman stopped and helped me when I had the accident.  She was extremely compassionate.  Her first name was Maya or Mara and last name started with a G. She made sure I stayed seated till the paramedics came.  I was shaking.  I pray God will bless her for being so helpful to me.  I just couldn't think at first.  Took me five minutes, it seemed, to fumble about trying to get my driver's license out of my wallet.  I saw my sunglasses on the floor in the back.  Picked them up to put them back on but both the lenses were gone.  Popped out of the frame from the force of the hit I suppose.  The speed limit is 25 mph.  I don't think this much damage would have happened if she was going 25 mph.  She didn't brake at all before she hit me.

The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike.  The sun rises on the evil and the good.

My step-mom has been diagnosed with cancer in her breast.  They said it was precancerous but seems that was not so.  She anticipates she will have to have a mastectomy.  That's what the doctor told her.  But the good news is it hasn't spread from the breast.  That's very good news.  I called her right away.  Tried not to cry.  I prayed for her over the phone and we talked a long time.  She tends to be quite stoic and true to form, she is matter-of-fact about this and makes it clear has all her faith in God.  So we will navigate this road with God before us, beside us and behind us.  He is the God of angel armies.  Always by our side.  She said He is fighting her battles for her and she already knows who wins.

Our God is a good God.

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