Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This is my third week and I still like my job.  I moved three carts of pretty heavy boxes today.  Then I set them down in stacks and as I turned to leave I realized the second from the bottom boxes had their labels turned to the wall.  That's.  Just.  Great.  So I had to rearrange them.

My husband's seasonal job will be over in September.  I will be so glad to have him home.  I hope we'll be okay without his extra money.  It sure spent fast.

I'm gonna have extra hours next week.  I'm sorta looking forward to it.

Today my husband had the day off so he followed me to work in the truck.  Then he got the car and drove it home, washed it, brought it back, and when I came out after work, voila!  Or, wallah, as my sister says, I had a clean, shiny car to drive home.

My sister is kickin' my behind at Words With Friends.  She also went to Hawaii and didn't tell me.  That's why she hasn't played for two days.  Well, I'm just not going back to play with her.  (And I won't tell her I've checked in two dozen times in the last two days.)

I took Monday and Tuesday off from Zumba.  My usual venue is closed because the city pulled out the floor and put in a new one.  It's gorgeous.  I'm scheduled to restart Zumba there on Thursday.  I tried teaching at a smaller place but after a week my back was killing me from the cement floor.  I even made sure not to jump at all, but still got a sore back.  One of my students got sore feet.  So I cancelled there and took a couple days off.  It's been kinda nice.

In September I'm taking Zumba Gold workshop.  The veteran's home is interested in chair Zumba for its seniors and I'm so looking forward to teaching there.  I volunteered and did a free Zumba class for some teeny bopper girls at the Boys and Girls Club.  They had fun and so did I.  Their sound system was broken though.  Sounded like the music came out of a tin can.  Young Pastor Jake busted the bass.  Haha!

I'm not enjoying being mother of a teenager.  He has said some really awful things and I don't know where it's coming from.  To use the words from an article I recently read, it looks like I gave birth to myself. 

My new boss rides a motorcycle.  How cool.

Some of the maintenance people have no class.  They burp and use bad language.  

I have some new routines memorized.  I can't wait to use them.

My period was two weeks late.  Hmmm.  That's not good.  Some girls at Mayela's work asked how old I am and she said they were surprised that I'm 53.  She might have said that just to be nice, but they said I had a good body and that was good to hear.  Gotta work it, baby!  Gotta work it.

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