Monday, September 05, 2011

First day of school tomorrow

Our child is going to private school tomorrow after 13 years of homeschooling.  He'll be in ninth grade.

It's the beginning of a new chapter.  I've heard good things about the school.  I'm expectant, happy, and sad.


Shelby said...

Now that you aren't teaching, what are you gonna do with your free time during the day?

Liliana said...

It's been hard to get used to him being gone all day, especially for my husband.

Well, in October I intend to look for a j, j, j, joooo, joooo, job. Ha! We will save for college. I can't hang out all day with this much free time. We have company from out-of-state coming this month, so I don't want a job just yet. I'm teaching the Zumba for kids two days a week but that doesn't take much time really. I wonder how I'm going to work around the Zumba class. Maybe I need part time work.