Friday, May 07, 2010

Lovely day

Firstly, it was a beautiful day today. It's good to be alive.

Since we returned to New Mexico I made a promise to myself to eat my breakfast outside in the sunshine every morning instead of in front of my computer screen. It's the new Liliana! I've followed through for a whole week. My favorite part of the day is morning with coffee and toast. Each morning it goes by so fast though.

Son and daughter-in-law are at the hospital. She has preeclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy) and so they're inducing. Baby Andres will be born tonight. He's three weeks early. He's all formed, but will be just a little small. By the last month the baby is completely built but grows in length, size, and weight. Our son is beside himself with excitement and anticipation. He loves having babies. I noticed tonight he gets very annoyed when I accidentally call him by our younger son's name. They're both insulted when I call one by the others name. Give me a break. Cut me some slack. They haven't grown up together and we never visit, so they both think they're the only son.

Something I find rankling. Suicide ignored. Someone dies of a heart attack, old age, stroke, cancer, murder, people say so. Die of suicide - it's like an elephant is in the room.

My hair is 47" now. Tonight my husband said it's beautiful. He's so kind to me. A little fussy tonight, but he's had a long day.

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SchnauzerMom said...

It would be so nice to eat breakfast outside if I just didn't have such bad allergies. I hope the baby is OK. People are shocked by suicide, maybe even ashamed of it.