Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's hoppin' here

The tourists are at Wal-Mart.  My husband said there are all kinds of people there. Service was fast though so they must have prepared for it. We've got traffic control today from 1:30pm to 3:30pm.  Other years we've worked traffic three or four hours at a time so two hours will be a breeze.  The sun is out and shining hot though.  The other down side is I have cramps and it's a bad day for cramps. 

Man, there's a lotta people here.  We have a good loop because we get mostly families and mellow people in this area.  The partiers tend to gather on the lake.  Last night was unusual in that we saw sirens three or four times before 11:00pm.  I think it makes visitors aware that law enforcement present and that's a good thing.  We sat outside and could hear whoops of excitement coming from the lake shore.  We heard on the radio that a jet ski broadsided a boat.  I hope there were no serious injuries.  So many people are boating and skiing, fishing and swimming.

I've been on pins and needles thinking about the 180 songs I purchased from iTunes and never backed up.  It's been preying on my mind.  I heard you should back up your songs.  I meant to.  I intended to.  Never did.  I set hope against hope that when I downloaded iTunes on my new cool computer that my songs would magically appear.  But they didn't.  I stared, dumbfounded, at a brand new iTunes interface with three lame songs that came with this Toshiba computer while all my music, lovingly selected, collected and arranged in playlists, sits forever lost in silence and darkness on my dead hard drive.

But I thought, if Apple can move songs from my computer to my iPod, then surely there must exist a way to move the songs from my iPod to my computer.  And there is.  I spent three hours last night transferring them. Found free software recommended CNET to do it for me.  I could have spent twenty bucks and done in all one click, but I chose the free way which only let me do ten songs at a time.  I transferred 377, my 180 purchased, plus others.  It is a job . . . . done. 

I have an energy deficit today.  My mouse hand is sore and there's a herpes blister on my lip still which upset me because earlier in the week when I worked in the front office and I had to greet everyone with a swollen lip.  It's scabbed over but it still hurts.  Most unfair.

I'm having second thoughts about homeschooling for high school.  He's going into eighth next year.  I have to think what our options are.


SchnauzerMom said...

Is homeschooling high school a lot harder? Glad you got all your songs saved.

Liliana said...

Well, I don't know since I've never done it. I need to talk with some hsing moms whose children have obtained four year degrees to see what they did. I spoke a couple weeks ago with a hs family who comes to the park and I was deflated to learn she did not attend college and then I read her web page and it had spelling errors. My goal for him is Texas A&M because it has a strong Christian presence on campus and has a solid reputation. I have a year to research and figure out what I must do if we hs. Officially, grades are not even required until high school (in California anyway). For a university, I will have to have a transcript for him. I need to find out about college admissions, find scholarships and grants and loans. It may be easier to send him to a private school or charter school that has a high percentage of grads who go to college who are experienced at it. I can't afford to mess up because it's his life!