Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Point Loma

Pacific Ocean at Point Loma, California

Our son went to the zoo with his grama and he was excited to go.  We had the afternoon to ourselves so we took a ride to Sunset Cliffs in Point Loma.  Temperature was about 71 degrees with a soft breeze making a short hike delightful.  There were a few people on the beach too.  I always enjoy the smell of the salt air.  Tons of yellow daisies growing everywhere. It was a perfect spring day.

This is where we walked from. We walked down that big crevice and looked at the water.

Next time we want to take the stairs down. I put it on our list of things to do.  The kids would love it.


April said...

Beautiful! I want to be there right now! I miss the ocean... must get back one day. Those are gorgeous photos Lil.

yrautca said...

I miss Cali so much. I love Cali. That 3rd pic is awesome. I wish I was in Cali for all of my life.

Liliana said...

April, I hope you come back. I bet you might recognize the poster in my room from when I was 15 maybe.

Yr, yeah, I forgot how nice San Diego can be. It's been heavenly. For now, you're in the best place you can be to save and prepare for a future to live wherever you want to live.

SchnauzerMom said...

Beautiful photos. The last time I was in California I was about 6 years old. Long time ago.