Wednesday, April 21, 2010

6 going on 7

Spent some time at my sister's tonight looking through our old family photo albums.
Me at the beach in 1965. It was a very good year.

A Polaroid.  Age 15.  1974.  I just finished painting my room light blue.  Wearing my favorite hand-me-down Levis from my best friend's brother, Don Turner.


yrautca said...

Oh wow. That must have brought back memories! So much history in that one Polaroid.

April said...

I had the same haircut and outfit as in your first picture at the beach! We would have been twins. :) Cute pictures!

SchnauzerMom said...

Great photos. You look so happy on the beach.

Jen said...

Aww, look how cute you are in that first picture :). Not that you aren't cute in the other picture! lol! I loved seeing those. It is fun to see pictures of people when they were kids.