Monday, March 22, 2010

Mane and Tail shampoo. It's for horses, but women being women they'll try anything on their hair. I was wearing my hair down that day and she said it makes your hair long and thick and she asked if I used it. I've wondered ever since, did she mean my hair looked long and thick or did she mean I ought to use it.

Having trouble getting beyond upper thighs. Seems I'm languishing at this length; a tad past fingertips. I found split ends this week. Horrified. Did my first ever S&D. Search and Destroy. I'm all oiled and braided now.

Son is taking a class. Hunter Education / Gun Safety. It was today from 1pm to 5pm and continues M-Th, 6:00pm to 8:45pm. Hope he completes the course. He actually liked the first class today. Today he learned if you're holding a weapon and you fall down, hold it to your chest. It's the best way to avoid shooting your friends. You hold it flat against your chest, not pointing at your chest, of course. It's his first class without me not counting when he was in a charter school in second grade. I hope he does well on the test on the last day.

My lower back hurts a bit and I have no joy. No joy.

And my son was a bad boy in church. He purposefully tried to start an argument. He sat three seats away from me. He made a face at me (the teenage "I'm not talking to you" look). He acted like I was weird during worship.

So. I did not drive him to youth group Sunday night. He will not be taken to Albuquerque on a planned shopping expedition for car parts (for his hobby car) this week. And I told him never to make a face at me. If you have something to say, say it, but faces don't mean anything and we're not doing that in this family. Can I get my money back? Can I send him back to the womb? Can I skip age 13 to 18? Must I expend the energy and put up with the annoyance of rearing up another person. It's really not fair. You put in nine months. You suffer through labor and birth. And you're punished with 18 long years.


SchnauzerMom said...

I feel for you. The teenage years are difficult. I never raised one but I was one and I was difficult.

busyHSmom said...

I can sympathize! I call it the "angry" year. It hit each of my boys at some point with the onset of hormones. Really, I think what is happening is there are so many changes going on, they just don't know how to deal with them, and since they can't cry like a girl, they just get "angry," i.e. tempermental, a little short-fused, etc. The light bulb went off for me that this is what was going on one day with my oldest. He was being a little snippy (or rude, or contentious, I don't even fully remember except that he was being a real stinker) with a sibling, and so I took him to my room for a "conference." We were discussing the situation, and to be honest, usually I am a little frustrated myself when one of the kids acts up and I go into lecture mode; but this time, for some reason, I looked at him and kindly said, "I know, it's frustrating isn't it?" And you know what happened? The poor fella started bawling! I hugged him and he cried on my shoulder.

I know you have an older kid, so you have been through this before and probably know this already. Take heart. I feel certain, kiddo will grow out of it. All four of my boys did. Since I know you have done such a great job with him so far, I am sure he will come out great on the other end of the transformation from boy to man. May God give you all the patience and wisdom you are going to need as you get to travel this journey with him! :-)

Liliana said...

Busy - thanks for the BTDT. True, we had an older son, but it seems I have forgotten a lot of stuff during the 19 year interim of having babies. I need to relearn the finer points. How surprised you must have been when those words came out of your mouth, and his reaction to them. Poor guy.

I have heard we should be cautious about asking the Lord for patience so I think I will go for the wisdom. lol! Thanks so much for writing. I do need a deep breath and be able to do the right thing. He's completely different from his brother.

SchnauzerMom - I was an awful teenager too. But, in my case, my kids have been blessed with having married parents who love one another and that makes a monumental difference.