Thursday, March 04, 2010

A little bit of this and that

I forgot to say the reason why my husband bought me ice cream was because I bumped my head.

We were at the pasture and as we took Bella out of the pasture through the gate, Mama Nike decided she was going to plow right through the fence to follow her.  The fence was slightly tilted and when Nike pushed her 1200 pounds against it it looked like she might continue to push it all the way to the ground.  I imagine she could if she wanted to.

I happened to be standing on the fence and my husband hollered for me to hold it up . . . . so I jumped down. . . . and my new cool lightweight camera which was around my neck flew up and came down on my noggin.  I was tuff and only said, "Owwwww!" but a minute later they told me I was bleeding.  Apparently my camera hit me just right and made a divot in my head and it was bleeding down my neck.  Quite dramatic!  Come to think of it, it did smart quite a bit.  It was sore a couple days, but once the bleeding stopped it didn't start again, so that's good.

That's why my husband got me ice cream and that's why I titled the post "Bump" even though I forgot, as a couple people noticed, to say what the bump was!

The blog for the 4-H group is pretty much done.

I'm wanting to learn a tutorial about how to make a page curl in Photoshop.  I like page curls.  They are frivolous, but they're decorative. 

And when the opportunity arises I've been thinking I will like to learn how to kill and butcher rabbit.  It takes the same amount of water and food to raise six pounds of rabbit compared to one pound of beef, says the USDA.  I like that.  I like the idea of being more self-sufficient, of knowing where my food comes from, that it was raised well and not mistreated, and that it's not full of antibiotics. I found out that rabbit meat is higher in protein and lower in fat and cholesterol and calories than any other meat. The question is 1) can I eat a bunny (for I never have before) and, 2) can I slaughter one (of course I've never done that before) and butcher it (I've cut up chicken from the store before).  I don't know!  I read of the "Easter Bunny Syndrome" and this holds that bunnies are cute and furry and symbolize Easter, so how can you eat them.  I guess the French eat a lot of them.  I don't know if I can eat one.  I'll have to see.


mermayd said...

I ate one as a kid, the neighbor dads went rabbit hunting in the woods. They came home and fried them up. Tasted like chicken only a little more distinct. You'll probably like it.

Jules said...

I've only ever tried rabbit once and I hated it but I was pregnant at the time and a lot of foods disagreed with me. I eat goat and deer and never find them "too gamey" so I could probably eat rabbit again now and enjoy it. That doesn't help, does it?

As to the Easter Bunny Syndrome, think of this: in Australia and New Zealand they are a huge pest and are ruining pastureland so that it's no good for sheep. I don't know if we can eat rabbit from the wild now due to disease but I know a lot of effort is put into keeping their numbers down. They might be "cute" but they're also a nuisance. And really, aren't lambs and calves and pigs and deer just as "cute" (depending what childhood diet of nursery rhymes and fairy tales you were raised on)?

SchnauzerMom said...

I've had rabbit before and didn't care for it. I don't know if I could kill and butcher one or not. I've killed lots of fish, but a mammal, I don't know.