Thursday, December 08, 2005

I jogged .8 miles today

I had to stop to walk twice. Half way, I thought my lungs were going to explode. As I dragged my buns the final .4 miles, my husband looked up and saw me so I picked my knees up and ran in the best form I could remember. My husband waved and I put both arms up in a victory sign just like Rocky did at the top of the stairs. Then he looked away, and man, I was draggin' again. Must look good when your man looks over, at any cost. Then I went in the trailer and did stretches on the floor which is quite a small area. Last, I shimmied, did figure eights, infinities, camels, and invisible zilling.

There's going to be a middle eastern dance day of workshops nearby on Saturday which is why I'm practicing. They're offering Tribal Style, Egyptian, Yoga, Tribal Indo Fusion, open dance drumming, and a veil wrap class. Then a hafla (middle eastern celebration with food and dance) Saturday night. I'm looking forward to it! I emailed an instructor I found via the Web and she's starting a 9 week dance session that I may sign up for. What luck. So, this is why I went on a jog today. I miss having a treadmill where I can sweat and huff and puff alone. I bought a Danskin jog suit especially for running just in case people see me. I've never had one before. Couple weeks ago we saw a busty gal jogging down the street and she looked like she was gonna knock herself out with the girls. I said, uh-uh, that's not going to be me so I found a superb jog bra at Dillard's. It's the best one I've ever had. Usually I run in my husband's sleep shorts and a jog bra but I can't do that in public. Well, I can't get in shape in two days, but at least I can feel more confident in my mind. The teacher here looked up my previous instructor and hinted that guest dancers are welcome at the restaurant she dances at on Wednesdays from 5 to 8pm. An exciting and scary prospect! I'm so out of shape...

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