Saturday, December 17, 2005

Herbs in my hair rinse

Dried herbs to concoct an infusion Posted by Picasa

I made my own hair rinse today. I poured one pint (that being 16 ounces) of boiling water over two teaspoons each of burdock root, calendula, and comfey leaf. (Comfey leaf? Did I type Comfey leaf? I meant Comfrey.) You let it steep 30 minutes then add a few tablespoons of white vinegar. I used bottled water to boot. I would like to say I used distilled water, but I used our fluoridated water for babies. I didn't have a coffee filter to filter the infusion so I used a Puff kleenex, unused of course. Hey, I live in a trailer you know.

I poured the infusion (which is just a fancy way to say tea) over my head last as a final rinse. Didn't rinse it out. Hair came out nice. The only thing I noted that I didn't care for was that my very end ends were a little crunchy. I put monoi oil on ends when hair dried.

Which leads me to add, I let my hair dry completely before combing it out. It's supposed to be good to let the hair dry completely before combing out because hair can stretch so much when wet. Stretching the hair is something long hairs want to avoid. Well when I combed it out it was pretty. There was a wee bit more wave, but I'm into waves now that I'm off the blow-dryer.

I just feel so good tonight. I've been sick with a mean headcold since Monday and today I kicked it. I went for a walk, my new 1.4 mile loop, and I did walk - not run. Came home and took a nap. I couldn't help it. I was completely tired out! Geez.

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