Monday, November 03, 2014

I'm going to return to tithing.  Next Sunday I will tithe.  I will write the check today because that's another problem - I conveniently forget to write a check and my husband told me to stop giving cash.  Every time the plate comes by I feel horrible.

I used to put my cash in the basket and my husband would say why don't you have any money?  And, well, I had no defense.

I will take half the money from my Zumba money and half from my paycheck.  It think that way, I'm tithing less from our bank account where my husband sees it.  It's a fine plan.

Gotta pray for some forgiveness because I wanted to use my personal money for Zumba shoes and Zumba-wear and things for myself.  My classes have been small (no $100 nights since last April) and I was too tight-hearted to give to the Lord.  I am shameful.  I'm just plain old selfish and vain.

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