Saturday, September 06, 2014

It's the intro to the Gideon's Bible!  Some introduction, eh!  Apparently Damson Dene Hotel in the U.K. has taken the Gideon's Bibles out of the rooms and replaced it with "Shades of Grey," a book described as "mommy porn."  Tsk, tsk.  I hope they don't have young children there.  That's not a good book for your 8-year-old to pick up.

Soon I'm going to increase my stepping.  Since it's been so hot in the Chihuahuan desert I haven't wanted to do the treadmill or walk outside.  Today I got 10,000 steps just at work.  Awesome sauce.  And on Fitbit I have four guys friending me: Slash, Jeffrey, Sam and Dan.  I'm going to friend them back, not.  But I initially stopped my stepping also because of a spiritual crisis in early May which has now passed.  It has not resolved itself but I cannot take on other people's sin.  That is the answer I keep telling myself.  It helps a small bit.  I don't know how counselors or pastors can bear it.

I've been studying about the woman with the issue of blood for two weeks.  Tomorrow I will compose my notes all in one place.  I've been collecting information on the scriptures about her from Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  Tonight I downloaded a character study about her and I am going to bed now to listen to it.  

Two weeks from now I've volunteered to be in the Baptist Church's pregnancy crisis booth at a community event.  Hope I may do some good there.  Hope no one eggs us or anything!

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