Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I missed two opportunities to say something.  Sometimes if you don't speak up right away the opportunity is lost.  I wanted to say something at the memorial for Janet.  They invited people to come up and say something and I hesitated, I stood there and waited for someone to go first and no one did.  So disappointed in myself.  Janet was two years younger than I.  Her dad died a month ago.  She died a week ago.  Got sick and died.  Got lung cancer.  She smoked till the end.  Maybe she just decided the cancer was so far along she'd just continue doing what she was doing.  She got pneumonia.  I saw both her ankles were swollen.  I believe she expected to come back to work. 

I've been telling my friends I love them.  Sarah Lee told me she loved me the last time I saw here and she died only a week after.  She was a godly woman.  She told everyone she loved them and she meant it.

There's been a murder in our community of 4,000.  A man killed another man.  There are a lot of people hurting now.  Why do people have to kill?  Cain committed the first murder.  Tomorrow a lot of newspapers will be sold as people read up to see what the story is.

Had nine in Zumba today.  It was hot.  So, so hot.  The a/c can't keep it very cool inside because it's over 100 outside and 69 degrees at night.  I have a shy bunch for class.  I cannot get them to come to the front with me so when I'm on stage and they're in the back it leaves a ginormous spaced of nothingness between us.  Eats up energy.  I got a great idea today.  I went to them!  Haha!  I went to the back of the room with them.  There were plenty of smiles so I know I made the right move. 

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