Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I have a wee bit of a tummy ache.  Actually, not a tummy ache but lower than my stomach and I don't know what you call it.  I ate our spaghetti dinner okay.  I don't feel like I'm gonna toss my cookies or anything.  Hope it goes away before tomorrow.

Had a headache all day at work.  That means four hours since I work from 10 to 2.  I took Excedrin before work and it did nothing.  Took another at 2 and it worked.  Zumba was fun tonight!

Wore my hair in a plain pony and got a few compliments at work.  It's the second time I've worn it down to workity-work.  Head hurt too much for a bun.

Son is taking driver's ed.  Lord, help me.  He'll be getting his learner's permit.  I could never drive with our eldest when he was learning.  I was afraid to.  And when he got his permit when he was about 17 he walked out of the DMV all smiles, sauntered toward me and said, "I got it."  I said, WHAT?  You mean they GAVE you a driver's license?  He said, "Ma, don't you have any confidence in me"?  Well, it's not an issue of confidence but just pure unbelief that the baby I gave birth to would be allowed to legally drive the 60 freeway.  My goodness.

So our second one will soon be driving.  He's had plenty of practice already.  Anthony and Laurie have let him drive their truck for small errands in the country and on side roads for a year or so.  My husband does too.  He sat next he dad all the time when we traveled all those years.  Since he passed the written and missed only two questions the driver ed instructor said he could get the learner's permit tomorrow.  Husband will take him to get it done.

One thing I like about our son is that he's not hung up on getting a pretty car.  He's utterly excited about getting an old beat up Ford truck that's like 20 years old.  I think that awful sweet.  He'd turn green if he knew I said he is sweet.

Words With Friends is currently down.  Supposedly they're working on it but I wish they'd work on it at 2am and not during my play hours.  My average score is 350 per game but I hear a better gauge of play level is average score per play.  I want to keep track of that sometime.  The best players average 20 to 30 points per play and a couple bingos per game.  I'm not that good, but I want to be someday.  I play once a week against a guy who played in Scrabble tournaments for 30 years.  He's awesome.

I'm working on tile counting.  I almost have the letter distributions memorized, I think.  Let's see.

A - 8 Oops, 9
B - 2
C - 2
D - Dunno [5]
E - 13
F - 2
G - 4 Wrong, it's 3
H - 4
I - 8
J - 1 Power letter, 10 points
K - 1 Power letter, 5 points
L - Dunno [Answer is 4]
M - 2
N - [5] Forgot my ABC's and left O and N out, but I'd have gotten them wrong anyway. 
O - 8 [But I didn't know]
P - 2
Q - 1 Power letter, 10 points
R - Hmmm, forgot [6]
S - Five Highly desirable
T - 5 [Wrong, it's 7]
U - 4 Not a fan of the U.
V - 2
W -2
X - 1 Power letter, 8 points
Y - 4 [Wrong, it's 2]
Z - 1 Power letter, 10 points
Blanks - 0 points, Highly desirable

Hmm, I need to still memorize nine out of 26 letters.  Okay.  I'll work on those.  Good thing I tested myself.

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SchnauzerMom said...

I can remember when I first got my learner's permit. I was thrilled. My mom let me do all the driving. I think she was content to be a passenger.