Friday, November 23, 2012

He is Alpha and Omega.

My accomplishment of the day.  A two hour Photoshop tutorial that took me about four hours.  I luurve the metal effect.  It's so fine.  The font is way ornamental.  The first thing my husband said is "What does it say."  He doesn't appreciate the art in the text.  I needed to do the first attempt with the same font the tut uses so I could check as I went along and be sure mine looked right.  It was ten steps with some of those steps having ten steps in them!  I've learned to use layers and how to add styles, styles, and more styles.

And I realized I can go back to the .psd file and change the word easily.  I don't have to do the whole thing over again if I want to change the word.  Yay!

I love fonts.  I love typography.  I'm dreaming of kinetic typography and Adobe After Affects lately.

To build this project I'll need different fonts.  I could maybe use just one letter from this set, but we'll see about that. I want to do another tut which teaches how to make the word "fire" appear on fire - in a realistic way.  Found a grrrreat one, but it's advanced and I have to purchase the fire image. I'm gonna give it a go next.  Am thinking of adding an image of liquid metal being poured with the text. Thanks to Creative Commons I found a beautiful photo at which may be just right for my needs and the photographer allows me to copy and adapt the work.  I'm so glad there are photographers online who share their work.

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SchnauzerMom said...

Very pretty! Sounds like hard work though.