Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fifteen students tonight including some new ones who returned from last week.  Sold two sets of toning sticks.  They'll love 'em.  I sure do.

So I saw a thread at the Zumba forum tonight.  Questioner says, "My classes are small and I want growth, so how do you get an old hippie community inspired?"

The answerer says, "even old hippies need to exercise, don't they? Perhaps, you could include some of Beto's rock 'n roll music. The old hippies (italics are mine) are beginning to have a variety of health issues like high cholesterol, heart, etc. So play up those elements. The hippies  (italics are mine) loved their music & they loved to dance."

Dang.  I resemble those remarks.  "The Old Hippies."  Puh-leeze.  Are they lab rats?  Do Old Hippies not have a heart?  Do they not have human feelings?

I got called a hippie last week.

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